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VANNER is what we call United Vanning’s total framework for sharing knowledge and experience, thus ensuring that we always deliver using the sum of the company's capabilities, instead of just the competence of an individual consultant or project team.

… meaning the definition of frameworks supporting all processes, interaction points, documents shared, knowledge needed etc.  Methods and frameworks are the sum of the Contacts needed to ensure a safe delivery. The framework, within engagements, are looked at from a client perspective and adapted with little effort to work in conjunction and supporting already existing clients procedures to meet and exceed client expectations.

  • Within VANNER there are specific frameworks for system integration and application development, project management, application maintenance and support, outsourcing etc. – all of which are used in a very interactive training and competence sharing program for our consultants.

  • VANNER is also the framework for system integration and application development. Besides being a framework for software construction and delivery, it fosters values and attitudes such as minimising waste of time and resources, reusability, efficient use of tools and technologies, ease of use, transparency and interactive iterative client involvement.

  • Although project and program management is a profession in itself, our framework is intentionally focused and structured for business change and IT projects. At United Vanning, project managers as well as architects, team leaders and senior developers receive training in VANNER. A broad and deep understanding of VANNER within each project team ensures efficient communication, enthusiastic use of tools, sharing and reusing of experience and competence with the client.

  • All too many companies that outsource feel a loss of control and a sense of detachment from their IT systems and processes. Our framework for application and system maintenance, on-site or off-site, is based on the belief that outsourcing should be built on a partnership that ensures client control and understanding, while delivering impacts such as lower cost, better quality, shorter lead times etc.


Any project or assignment aims at making some sort of impact. Business value is the overall objective, ultimately impacting the client’s bottom line through increased revenue or lowered cost.

Increased revenue or lower costs can be approached and accomplished in many different ways. These might be: less waste, higher revenue per customer, lower cost for customer acquisition, higher customer retention, faster product and service delivery, greater customer satisfaction, better customer service, lower customer churn and higher quality.

We believe that these values are most often created in the intersection between business and technology. Regardless of whether you need a developer for a single piece of software or a turnkey solution for a full-scale initiative, this belief is our guiding star as a company.

Sometimes we are part of the discovery process, defining and shaping the overall business goals. Sometimes we only serve as a competence resource in a project. Regardless, being interested and understanding the bigger picture makes a difference for efficiency, quality and professionalism.

These beliefs, coupled with outstanding delivery capabilities stemming from a “doer” attitude and boosted by practical framework and methodologies, makes United Vanning an exceptional partner for business change and IT projects.

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