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United Vanning is all about producing the best result in partnership with the client. We provide a holistic viewpoint, developing our clients’ businesses and strengthening their competitive edge by supplying competence in strategic consultancy and by developing tailored processes and IT solutions. We take long-term responsibility through application management, including functional undertakings. Our clients are primarily organizations and companies in need of stable, high-quality IT systems.


Our consultants are truly interested in our clients’ long-term success. We know we must understand and shape the desired impact together with our clients, and bring creativity and innovation to the table.

The types of impact can vary greatly: lower customer churn, increased revenue, reduced costs, better service and quality, as well as softer values such as better competence governance, higher end user satisfaction, ease of use and entertainment value.

Helping our clients define the desired impact is a discovery process that needs structure and methodology, induced with creativity and innovation and shaped with valuable experience and insights. Knowing where to aim is essential – but actually getting there requires true delivery capabilities supported by experience, competence and methodology, as well as a solid understanding of your business.

Our consultants are driven by a genuine desire to deliver client value. We are constantly looking for people that want to share these attitudes and desires. This means not only having a genuine interest in technology and business, but also understanding that our clients’ success is our success – in every single assignment and project.


For UVC, innovation is not about creating a new patented software. It’s about searching out the fastest route to return on investment, creating the best leverage on already existing systems, or replacing an outdated system with minimal disturbance to an on-going business. It’s about achieving the greatest possible impact – through technology and creative solutions that are maintainable and reusable.

Innovation is based on keeping an open mind, structuring the innovation process, and having both a library of adaptable experiences and a keen eye for detail.

For example, finding the fastest route to return of investment could mean identifying a number of quick initial impacts that can be delivered swiftly with minimal resources, in order to build capital for further investments into the total desired delivery – while also building confidence in the end solution and technology.

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