United Vanning is dedicated to delivering strategic advice, effective solutions, architecture, implementation and support for all the complex business and IT challenges that you face today.


For United Vanning, innovation is not about creating a new patented software. It’s about searching out the fastest route to return on investment, creating the best leverage on already existing systems, or replacing an outdated system with minimal disturbance to an on-going business. It’s about achieving the greatest possible impact – through technology and creative solutions that are maintainable and reusable.


Our consultants are driven by a true desire to deliver client value. We are constantly looking for people that want to share these attitudes and desires. This means not only having a genuine interest in technology and business, but also understanding that our clients’ success is our success – in every single assignment and project.


We have more than 25 years’ experience working with both large and small organisations on key projects, delivering the results that you need, on time. ““We aim to become your trusted independent advisor and sounding board, as well as a valued extension of your team – whenever or however you need us.


Countering Counterfeit Consumer Goods Proving Authenticity with Blockchain And Material Fingerprint Technology»

With technology at our hands from the “Internet of Things” and “Blockchain” we still struggle to tackle counterfeit goods.  In today’s digital world, materials and assets that were previously unreachable are available from countless...

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Innovative Tools And Asset Tracking for Utilities»

Moving beyond “Where’s my stuff”? In today’s digital world, equipment, plant, staff and vehicles that were previously unreachable are now connected.  The “Internet of Things” is driving a proliferation of infrastructure,...

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Supply Chain and Field Service Innovation for Utilities»

Customers are expecting better and better services. The time of service technicians is becoming more and more valuable. Our roads are becoming increasingly congested. The need for safe delivery and tracking of tools and materials is essential ...

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