Software AG

Software AG offers the world’s first Digital Business Platform. Recognized as a leader by the industry’s top analyst firms, Software AG helps you combine existing systems on premises and in the cloud into a single platform to optimize your business and delight your customers. With Software AG, you can rapidly build and deploy Digital Business Applications to exploit real-time market opportunities. Get maximum value from big data, make better decisions with streaming analytics, achieve more with the Internet of Things, and respond faster to shifting regulations and threats with intelligent governance, risk and compliance. The world’s top brands trust Software AG to help them rapidly innovate, differentiate and win in the digital world.
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The patented Fibrecode technology combines proven packaging and manufacturing technology with robust digital imaging techniques to provide a physical asset authentication platform that ensures a unique, traceable ID for every item processed. The FIBRECODE blockchain platform enables all stakeholders to authenticate the chain-of-custody of your physical assets, resulting in genuine provenance of your goods as they travel through the supply chain.
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Talend, a leader in cloud integration, liberates data from legacy infrastructure and puts more of the right data to work for your business, faster. Talend Cloud delivers a single platform for data integration across public, private, and hybrid cloud, as well as on-premises environments, and enables greater collaboration between IT and business teams. Combined with an architecture for rapidly embracing market innovations, only with Talend can you cost-effectively meet the demands of ever-increasing data volumes and users.
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Data governance isn’t just for IT – we’re all “data people.” But we need to understand what data means within a business context, be able to track its physical existence and lineage, and maximize its security, quality and value. erwin DG enables organizations to know what data they have and where it resides, understand what it means in common, standardized terms and then transform it into useful information they can act on – all while controlling its access. Broadening data governance beyond IT creates an “enterprise data governance experience” that fuels an accurate, real-time, high-quality data pipeline. Then you can yield the necessary business intelligence to produce the desired outcomes – from regulatory compliance to business transformation.
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