Data management can become a very complex process, especially with large volumes of data originating from multiple sources. These data need to be linked, connected and correlated in order to be able to access the relevant information.

“Big data is an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional data processing applications.”
“Business Intelligence includes data warehousing, data mining and analysis tools, reporting tools, and all integration necessary for extract, transform and data loads from various data source systems.”

Creating and implementing a robust Big Data and Business Intelligence strategy will help you achieve better:
•    Operational intelligence: enable effective sensing, monitoring, management and analysis of your business.
•    Business performance management (BPM): make critical decisions in business-as-usual, risk events and opportunities.
•    Risk/compliance: monitor regulatory compliance (SOX, Basel II, AML) and risk across divisions and geographies.
•    Threat/fraud detection: predict, mitigate or reduce potentially destructive results.
•    Customer analytics: manage prospects and customer relationships through the entire life cycle by leveraging quality information.

United Vanning can help your company make the most of your data through:



Cloud computing is an internet-based computing solution that is rapidly growing in popularity. Whereas in the past people would run software applications downloaded onto a physical computer or server in their building, cloud computing allows people access to the same kinds of applications through the internet.
The benefits for organisations across all functions are numerous, and include lower costs, flexibility, disaster recovery, automatic software updates, cap-ex free, increased collaboration, security, document control and competitiveness. Despite these benefits, many organisations are still reluctant to move their applications to the cloud. Security concerns, together with low awareness as to what cloud computing really has to offer, appear to be the two main reasons. The key is to first assess the necessary security for various applications, and then compare this to the security levels offered by the cloud in regards to your specific needs. It should be a conscious decision.

The cloud may very well provide higher security. For instance, cloud service providers have redundant and off-site backups, making it almost impossible to lose data completely; this means marketers no longer have to worry about data loss caused by a disk crash, accident or theft.

United Vanning can help your company make the most of cloud technology through:



Today, Customer Relationship Management is a vast area and can mean a number of things: customer communications, campaign management, channel management, social media, call centres, CTI-systems, web shops, product and service provisioning and much more.

United Vanning is software vendor independent but has non-exclusive partnerships with a number of providers. Our goal is to provide our clients with the solution that fits best with their needs and business objectives.

Any CRM implementation usually requires a number of integration points with other systems, such as ERP, data warehousing, existing customer registers and many more. If internet access is part of the solution, strict security requirements should be followed.
Should you leverage your existing systems, complement them with new modules/packages or replace a number of scattered systems with a modern CRM implementation? United Vanning can help you understand and realise the benefits through analysis, strategy and implementation.


Channel management refers to the way that a business or supplier of products uses various marketing techniques and sales strategies to reach the widest possible customer base.
When carried out properly, channel management motivates those channels to sell the product, ultimately developing a better relationship between customer and product. This is achieved by identifying goals for each distinctive channel and then implementing various marketing strategies to make sure that those goals are attained – all the while staying consistent with the overall brand platform.

Different channels need different IT solutions. Telemarketing requires a different support system than that of a web-shop, and so on. A proper channel management strategy needs to be supported by the appropriate investment and maintenance in IT infrastructure.
United Vanning can assist you in performing a full end-to-end analysis assessing your IT readiness, and then creating a relevant IT roadmap to support your channel strategy.


Many organisations have problems keeping track of customer enquiries, or locating individual goods, services or components. They may not be able to answer how long it will take to process a request or deliver a component.
In many cases, the organisation will not know whether a customer enquiry, product or service is lost until the customer complains – which, from a service experience perspective, is much too late. Locating the problem can be difficult – not to mention retaining the customer’s loyalty.

Atomisation has not been taken far enough, manual processes are error prone – cost of dealing with errors is high. There are often few or no Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) established.

Business process and activity monitoring will help you:
•      track a customer enquiry throughout the organisation
•      follow a product from production to delivery
•      track specific items in the delivery chain
•      provide accurate delivery times.

United Vanning can assist you in establishing processes and business activity monitoring through strategy, integration and architecture skills.



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