Supply Chain and Field Service Innovation for Utilities

Published 2017-05-23

Customers are expecting better and better services. The time of service technicians is becoming more and more valuable. Our roads are becoming increasingly congested. The need for safe delivery and tracking of tools and materials is essential to efficient planning and control. Leading utility companies continue to invest to address these critical considerations and realise these efficiencies.

In an ever increasingly connected world utilities expect to be able to know where all the supplies, materials and tools are at any point in time. Reducing waste in time and materials is critical, as well as reducing the impact of inefficient supply chains on the environment. United Vanning Consulting and Pelipod address all the above with their unique, innovative supply chain solution in combination with unparalleled capabilities for process execution, analysis, visualisation and integration from Software AG that will truly transform the field service operations of utilities:

  • Cut out an entire leg of the journey for field service technicians decreasing the time they spend acting as their own couriers.
  • No need to collect parcels, saving on engineer’s time and vehicle running cost
  • Eliminates the need for expensive or manned intermediate or transit delivery locations
  • Acts as a 24/7 forward stock location so reducing inventory held in engineer’s vans.
  • Supports Just In Time inventory management
  • Right First Time deliveries reduces the cost
  • Reducing mileage, CO2 emissions and pollution
  • Allows deliveries to be made at traffic-free times including the “shoulders” of the working day

Introducing Pelipod, the world’s most advanced, Internet connected, low cost unattended parcel box for utilities. With Pelipod, utilities can now create distributed point delivery networks replacing the need for locker banks or store depots. Pelipod shortens and simplifies your supply chain enabling your staff to be more productive and efficient.

Through Software AG’s Digital Business Platform utilities will be able to integrate the Pelipod portal to their back end systems with complete process execution and visibility ensuring:

  • Connecting work orders in the ERP system with deliveries
  • Real-time notifications to field service technicians
  • Display the Pelipod delivery network in their GIS systems
  • Optimise the delivery points in relations to field service work force and replacement/maintenance programs
  • Dynamic delivery network repositioning the Pelipod Boxes as requirements change
  • Integrate with HR systems to automatically control access to boxes and track who delivers and who receives
  • Audit tracking of assets and who has possession of tools and materials
  • Provides clear auditing that each engineer has the right materials at the right times to do their assigned jobs

How is all this established, what is needed and how is it implemented? Ultimately it boils down to the business case for using the Pelipod solution and Software AG’s Digital Business Platform to improved business processes: lowering the cost of field service operations, increasing customer satisfaction while reducing the impact on the environment throughout.

Invariably this means joining up the individual processes using the Digital Business Platform, connecting with the business systems such as ERP, CRM, Asset Management, Warehouse Management, Field service, Scheduling, GIS etc.  Delivering the value this gives dictates the nature of the integration and the requirements of the platform.

United Vanning Consulting helps companies characterise and capitalise on opportunities based on a structured approach

United Vanning Consulting provides the technology and integration knowhow as well as the process insight to assist from discovery through to implementation. On top of these capabilities in our engagements we give our customers access to our partner ecosystem for world leading technology, data science, predictive modelling, machine learning, device connectivity, digital platform integration and data management.

End-to-end solution implementation

For more information about United Vanning Consulting or to explore how our expertise can help you, please contact us at

Software AG offers the world’s first Digital Business Platform for Utilities. Recognized as a leader by the industry’s top analyst firms, Software AG helps you combine existing systems on premises and in the cloud into a single platform to optimize your environment and delight your citizens. With Software AG, you can rapidly build and deploy digital utility applications to improve customer services delivery. Get maximum value from big data, make better decisions with streaming analytics, achieve more with telemetry and M2M, and respond faster to shifting regulations and threats with intelligent governance, risk and compliance. Visit to learn more.

Pelipod represents a complete breakthrough in the cost, convenience and functionality in the delivery of spares, samples and other products. Pelipod is a smart, connected, secure, unattended parcel box that can manage all your deliveries as well as working with your reverse logistics process. For more information please visit:

GDPR. A Strategic Data Springboard

Published 2017-02-04

Who can have missed the hysteria regarding GDPR and the potential penalties that follow a breach of the regulations?... Today most initiatives are focused on achieving a defendable position - knowing where all sensitive data is, its make-up, its usage, its secureness and the way it’s captured and managed. This can be achieved: top-down, by going through all processes and procedures that touch the data; or bottom-up, finding and analysing data in all the organisation’s systems and media and collecting that knowledge in one repository. Only both approaches combined create a true reflection of the reality.
United Vanning offers both, and more. Once established these capabilities can also create new data strategy and governance processes to underpin the company’s strategic business initiatives. Become compliant and achieve strategic enterprise data capability!

United Vanning believes GDPR must not become a one-off, reactive activity. The opportunity is captured to drive strategic data capability planning across the entire enterprise. The platform tools ensure that initiatives are aligned with the physical reality of data across the entire enterprise through sensitive data scanning and data quality assessment of all data sources, structured and unstructured, providing the company with its first defendable GDPR assessment and data support to its strategy

Strategic Data Capability Planning And Governance using Software AG’s ARIS
  • Project preparation, goals and dates, GDPR roles and responsibilities, requirement catalogue, organisational scoping, IT scoping
  • Data protection design and deployment
  • Readiness surveys. Over 3,000 GDPR assessment survey questions capturing the organisation’s touchpoints and current management of personally identifiable information
  • Application questionnaires, risk assessments, mitigation planning
  • IT security assessments, risk mitigation, planning and execution
  • Compliance risk assessments, mitigation with planning and execution
  • Create and implement data policies by capturing required regulatory information
  • Reinforce the right data policies in your organization for better compliance
  • Status quo report
  • Change management
  • Plan and execute internal audits
  • Incident handling procedures

Strategic Enterprise Data Layer Implementation with Software AG’s webMethods OneData suite

More and more companies are realising that data and accessibility to data drive innovation in customer experience and business processes. However, new Data Warehouses (DWs) or Data Lakes are simply not enough. Building an Enterprise Data Layer that services data consumers, both operationally and analytically is imperative. This is even more important in a microservices architecture. Services are meaningless without access to data. This requires technology and implementation for:

  • Master Data Management with data governance and workflows
  • Ongoing data matching & cleansing using advanced data scoring algorithms
  • Survivorship and golden record creation, reconciling data from multiple sources
  • Data federation and integration capabilities for any required pattern
  • Prebuilt connectors for data validation against external services

Sensitive Data Discovery, Quality Management & Traceability using AnalytiX DS Unified Platform for building an information asset register giving perfect understanding of your data, from business data domain to physical storage using AnalytiX DS

The Data Discovery layer allows you to catalogue all data sources and manage the business definitions of data. It automatically identifies the underlying sensitive data across the organization that it needs to protect. Understand what the sensitive data means, where it comes from, where it moves (data in motion) and who has access to it.  Generate dynamic data lineage views for complete traceability. Trust that the data and the processes comply with the regulation. Centrally govern PII and SPI and avoid hefty fines for data breaches and non-compliance.

Business Glossary, Data Policies & Rules Manager

  • Maintain a glossary of terms and definitions and link terms to technical metadata to view underlying data lineage
  • Enable transparency across the enterprise
  • Generate traceability/lineage views for your data policies and Business Rules

Metadata & Data Dictionary Management - cataloging your physical data stores

  • Universal platform for scanning, consolidating and governing all the organizational technical metadata
  • Collaborative platform to maintain and enrich the data dictionaries
  • Establish the origin of source data and traversal of data across the enterprise
  • Built in metadata scanners for automatically scanning metadata from any data source

End-to-End Lineage and Impact Analysis (truly unique capabilities)

  • Trace your data flow across various systems and get access to all the information required to make swift business decisions
  • Visualize the flow of data and effectively assess impact analysis of potential changes to data definitions, rules, policies and attributes
  • View lineage from Business glossaries and drill into physical data catalogues and data mappings to view comprehensive lineage  

Sensitive Data Discovery - configure detection rules, scan, detect and manage PII and SPI (truly unique capabilities)

  • Monitor & Control Sensitive data across the organization and provide better visibility and control across the enterprise to identify data security threats and reduce the associated risks
  • Enriching Business Data Elements for sensitive data discovery - provide a comprehensive mechanism to define business data elements for PII, PHI and PCI across your organizational database systems, cloud and big data stores to easily identify sensitive data based on a set of algorithms and data patterns
  • Metadata and Value-based analyses - Enable the discovery and classification of sensitive data based on metadata and data value patterns and algorithms. Organizations can define business data elements and rules to identify and locate sensitive data including PII, PHI, PCI and other sensitive information
  • Connect and Discover Sensitive Data - Quickly analyze and discover sensitive data across relational databases, Big Data & No SQL repositories and cloud data stores by seamlessly establishing a connection to the target repository and efficiently performing a metadata level and value level analysis to identify the location of sensitive data and report the statistics.
  • Robust and Efficient Scanning Mechanisms - Use highly robust and performance efficient scanning mechanisms to process millions to billions of records to discover sensitive data and report the results in a quick and efficient manner.

Track Data in Motion with Metadata Driven Automation (enabled via CATfX automation)

  • Pre-built connectors for all major ETL tools such as Talend, Microsoft SSIS, Informatica, IBM DataStage, Pentaho, SAP Data Services, Oracle Data Integrator and others are available.
  • Pre-built procedural code scanners will connect to SQL Stored procedures, Java programs, Visual basic programs, Python, shell scripts and COBOL programs and auto-document code as mappings
  • Once scanners scan, document the code – mappings are created in a business user friendly format and data lineage views are created from them to detect data at rest and show where PII and SPI is being federated inside and outside the organization and where it lands on the reporting layers and reporting files and SharePoint drives.

Score Cards, Reporting and Dashboards

  • Profile your data using attribute analysis and value analysis assessment engines
  • Enable the organization to assess, improve, and closely manage its internal data
  • Comply with regulatory compliance such as GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Basel I and Basel II
  • Demonstrate compliance through standardized Data Quality scorecards and dashboards that monitor the status of your compliance activities.
  • Ensure the data is fit for their intended uses in operations, decision making and planning
  • Allows organizations to quickly remediate the invalid values based on Business Rules and generate data repair “fix-scripts”
  • Report on GDPR compliance activities to demonstrate sustainable compliance to regulatory authorities and support risk management on an ongoing basis

How is all this established, what is needed and how is it implemented? 

It is our experience that there is a gap between understanding the principles and benefits and implementing in a cost efficient manner. United Vanning has extensive hands-on experience. We provide the technology knowhow as well as the process insight to assist from idea through to implementation. In our engagements we give our customers access to our partner ecosystem for world leading technology.

United Vanning is an expert consultancy providing:

  • Program and project management
  • Business, process, data analysis and data discovery
  • Master data management and metadata management
  • Architecture and data modelling: conceptual, logical and physical
  • Compliance assessment
  • Data quality assessment management
  • System implementation and integration
  • Test Management and test execution

For more information about United Vanning or to explore how our expertise can help you, please email the GDPR Team or visit our website at

Mobile Integrated Wayleave And Easement Management for Utilities

Published 2016-12-15

Mobile Integrated Wayleave And Easement Management for Utilities

In today’s digital world, Wayleave and Easement management is still to a high degree a manual paper driven process. Ideally the process should be digitised between the stakeholder (customer, landowner etc.) and the utility. The information about the Wayleaves and Easements and their specific features should be made easily accessible in the field where the real use of the information is most valuable. Not knowing the conditions, features and specific geographical locations of Wayleaves and Easements can lead to mistakes in the field and poor on-going relationships with landowners and other stakeholders.

Utilities suffer from extensive losses every year due to a) damages to utility services as a result of unlawful wayleave works and b) the slow processing of applications from customers and other stakeholders. The process has low visibility and is often considered cumbersome leading to decreased brand value and customer experience.  Slow administration causes project delays and lost opportunities leading to increased cost. Customer and third party complaints may lead to penalties that could have been avoided.

United Vanning’s MIWEM (Mobile Integrated Wayleave And Easement Management) solution supports viewing and searching wayleaves in the field, updating wayleave features, and receiving continuous updates on any issues or tasks related to the activity at hand.

MIWEM builds on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform (DBP), using its mobile suite, master data management, process automation and enterprise integration capabilities to maintain definitive, up-to-date and highly visible records of wayleaves and easements. MIWEM delivers:

  • Automation, orchestration and control of processes involving wayleaves and easements
  • Customer portal supporting wayleave applications, communications, notifications, alarms and chaser emails ensuring the process runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Stakeholder management of landlords, landowners, tenants, occupiers, and vulnerable people, including contact information.
  • Integration with GIS (Wayleaves can be stored as a layer in ESRI or Google Earth.)
  • Issue and task management mobile app/portal featuring escalations, child tasks, collaboration and progress tracking
  • Context aware mobile app: See the wayleaves and information relevant to the job at hand
  • Adaptive spatial and temporal filtering combined with wayleave and easement properties
  • Real-time updates while in the field
  • Support for off network caching and automatic synchronisation with conflict resolution when coming back to network connectivity.

Easily extensible solution using Software AG’s Digital Business Platform features including:

  • Adapters for document management systems e.g. Sharepoint, featuring Office365 cloud integration for easy access to historical documents, site photographs, etc.
  • SAP HR Staff management
  • Integration with work order scheduling system and work dispatch systems

MIWEM builds on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform (DBP), using its mobile suite, master data management, process automation and enterprise integration.

Digital And Mobile Innovation

Bringing data together brings the fuzzy view of missing, unknown and lost information into focus where it is needed in the field.  Digitised and automation of the application process reduced delays and increases customer satisfaction.

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